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Blockchain & Digital Currencies

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts help you exchange Assets in the form of money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free manner while replacing the services of a middleman. Self Enforcing in nature, Smart contracts validate the specifications of a contract from the fulfilment of obligations between parties to executing the net transfer of funds.

Smart Contract Development

Developing, Deploying and Executing smart contracts require a plethora of skills. From efficient coding abilities on smart contract languages like Solidity, understanding of data structures, establishing flexible payment flows to innovative U/X Designs to name a few. PayX offers the perfect mix of developers from experienced traditional markets to the new generation of smart contract specialists.


Like Income Statements and books of accounts, a smart contract requires periodic audits to mitigate its risks and vulnerabilities while avoiding security breaches and bugs. PayX delivers the most experienced developers who have established standardised methodologies of auditing smart contracts, in a review based holistic fashion.

Improving your Business Flows

With enterprises shifting towards automation, analytics and cybersecurity. Smart Contracts revolutionise the process of conducting business operations on a global platform. Delivering easy to use interfaces via such contracts, companies can now establish business relations, streamline contractual and legal procedures and trade cryptocurrency in a secure, simple and transparent manner. Along with optimising costs, businesses can explore untapped markets with great opportunities that are devoid of standardised financial regulators.

Enterprise Blockchain

Along with the increasing costs of scalability that businesses have been undertaking traditionally and the struggles to cope with operational costs and the multi-channeled database of expansion. Corporate blockchains enable you to utilize the advantages of public blockchains while maintaining same levels of security, identity and role definition you currently employ.

Supply Chain & Proof of Provenance

All products essentially, follow a journey of processing till it is ultimately retailed to Consumers. As integrated as this journey may seem, any break in the chain damages the whole network as a whole. Instilling the Blockchain here with its proof of provenance, will render digitally permanant, auditable data to the stakeholders of the product about its status at every stage of the value addition chain.

Trusted Identity

Alongside the financial services issues solved by the blockchain, it can also be used for several Identity applications such as generating digital IDs for accessing personal information, managing security and over viewing transaction history amongst other applications like issuing Government authorised mandatory IDs (Passports, birth certificates etc) and providing authentication solutions.

Transparent money flows

Corporate Blockchains ensure the smooth shift of cash flows channeled through Smart Contracts devised on the Ethereum platform. Essentially, it is a financial security that is held in escrow by a network that is linked to the necessary recipients based on some future event or obligation as the case might be.

In Popular Culture

Enterprise blockchain claims to disrupt and gain a significant fraction of the $500B+ global enterprise software market. Amongst the several capabilities rendered by the blockchain, these attributes are sub categorised into horizontal application across industries and use cases for specific verticals.
Horizontal applications:
supply chain management, product provenance & authenticity, process verification & audit, system interoperability & data sharing, and product life-cycle data store.
Vertical applications:
transaction settlement (finance & insurance), cross-border trades (finance), food provenance and authenticity (health/safety), biometrics monitoring (health), Personal Health Record (PHR: health), and virtual clinical trials (pharma/health).

Initial Coin Offerings

An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies, but usually for Bitcoin. PayX and our Partners have been consulting on some of the first ICO's ever. Our in-house creative agency was the first agency worldwide that offered professional ICO advisors.

Whitepaper Review

A whitepaper amongst other factors must communicate the research concepts in light of the programmatic needs adhered to by the writers during its conceptualisation. Advisors at PayX, who have been a part of the ICO movement since its birth, provide both technical and non technical assistance in reviews and feedback on sponsored requests by research bodies.

Token Economics

Cryptocurrencies within the blockchain have evolved over the past decade to a stage where its potential applications have been uncovered by the large industries. Not only as a replacement for existing currency but an array of innovative applications that are on the brink of revolutionising standardised systems. Token economics essentially refers to the study, design, and implementation of economic systems based on blockchain technology. PayX with its team of blockchain experts, design, formulate and implement the crux for newer cryptocurrency while establishing the regular framework of the blockchain as the purpose of the token serves.

Community Management

The Cryptosphere has been long associated with an infamous image that has not only been tarnished due to its early applications in black markets but also because of uneducated investors causing frenzy in its extrinsic value over cry. PayX along with rendering state of the art technical offerings is a front runner in claiming stake in spreading awareness about the several applications of the blockchain on the various platforms.

Marketing and PR

PayX undertakes the responsibility of providing end-to-end Marketing and PR solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, in providing campaign expertise for ICO growth, sustainable brand management and an extensive network of professionals in this space. Moreover, PayX takes pride in its several reputable creative ventures like FinWerk and its projects and amongst others for providing quality solutions each time.


Every ground breaking invention has had a fair share of scepticism and rationalism. The Blockchain is no such exception. Cryptocurrencies have gained an image very early during its inception as being a means to conduct activities that are detrimental to the interests of the society. With massive amounts of bitcoins used for criminal activities, the real untapped value of the technology has been side lined altogether. PayX along with rendering technical expertise in the blockchain space is also a channel of mass awareness in helping the world come together in accepting this movement. Seminars conducted in alliances with institutions that have foresight of the technology are joining hands and helping this movement grow. PayX believes this will help the community adopt the Blockchain for the various efficiencies it creates.

An introduction to cryptocurrencies

As of today, It is no shock to hear the word Bitcoin from every man, woman and child of all ages. However, not many are aware of the fact that the first cryptocurrency was out in the 1990's long before the enthusiasts of today were born. A concept shunned by the middle to old generation but conceptualised by members of their age group 3 decades ago. PayX conducts several such sessions to spread awareness of the thought process of these visionaries and the reason for such vision.

An introduction to Blockchain

A concept lesser known to the general public and lesser talked about. Why the blockchain is an inevitable movement that has already started entering the rooms of the biggest MNCs irresepective of bitcoin rising or crashing. The potential of this disruptive technology and its several applications will be discussed in seminars held by PayX .

Smart Contract workshop

Smart Contracts is a feature that has been making a lot of news in the corporate markets. A feature with the potential to engage parties to conduct business in a sophisticated, transparent, cost efficient manner, PayX conducts periodic workshops in partnerships with tech giants for clients willing to understand and incorporate the new wave of FinTech into their businesses.

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