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Incubator & Growth Hacking

A strategic partner in FinTech and BlockChain for targeted growth.

PayX are an experienced and proven executive team with diverse skills. We are successful in achieving pivotal outcomes for FinTech, AI and Blockchain pre-seed, seed, and post finance firms including ICO.

Our big plan


Growth Performance

Enabling companies to target early and phased growth, to improve margins and sell and to re-position industry partnerships rapidly. As leading industry analysts with proven commercial skills in generation of early and latter stage growth PayX review and revamp the target operating model and leverage a wide range of business partnerships for go-to-market. We work with startups and 'A round' firms and also with international funds to assist in identification of new high potential firms, in the creation of tactical industry partnerships, to strengthen teams and know how, to raise growth funds and seed finance.


Growth Methodology

PayX works uses proven methodologies to deliver on core strategy, win customers and operate smarter efficiencies and scale faster. PayX has multiple skills on-board including architecture, operational and M&A expertise, we utilise to provide growth advisory.


Growth Finance

PayX also works with investors across the entire lifecycle. We work from early seed and growth capital to M&A and acquisition. Our team also has a proven performance in succesful ICO campaigns for several blockchain majors and can demonstrate proven success in market execution

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