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Several start-ups and competitors have emerged in the payments market as new products and channels (especially ecommerce) are being developed each year. With the evolution of real and viable major vendors for banks and processors worldwide, it is important that the client side can reasonably utilise these products for their core business. PayX undertakes the role of a reliable market guide in providing unbiased objective information for such B2B clients. Amongst this frenzy of vendors, PayX develops in-depth comparative reports offering market expertise to keep clients up to date with the several nuances associated in the payments market.

Acquiring and Switching Vendor Comparison Report: 2017 Edition - Research and Markets

PayX develops its annual flagship report to guide clients with the changing landscape of Vendors and Products. Providing updates on all top vendors and market entrants, this report enables every operational Payments company to make informed decisions on their purchases, amongst the catalogue of payments processing products and services. This report, unlike many with just a narrative, compares vendors, products and customer feedback and presents it in a clear and concise manner. The in-house market analysts have developed an unbiased score-methodology, offering opinions and not hardbound claims, so that clients can decide what is best for them.

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